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Praise for the Masterclass Tutorial Website.

MASTERCLASSES in Writing – by The Best!

Hopefully, none of us stop learning until the day we draw our last breath – and who knows what we may learn after that!

For me, with the ‘White Ashes’ novel behind me and now beginning that writer’s journey once more with its prequel, I look back at my developing skills and realise two things:
1) How much I learned during the writing, the editing, the polishing and of course the publishing.
2) How much I have yet to learn about everything to do with the writing process and the promotional activity that must follow if the work is to find its place in the world.

It’s hard to count, let alone express, the number of Internet-based tutorials I have waded through, most being teasers for purchasing some package rarely exposed until you’ve wasted an hour of your life waiting for that ‘big reveal’ that ‘big secret’ – “TODAY! Joe Bloggs reveals his Secrets of Success” all wrapped in some package purported to have a $999 value, but yours today for just $149!! – or whatever!

Frankly, there a few that taught me much at all, beyond how to hook folks into making purchases of dubious value – mainly created by young, Internet entrepreneurs who mostly still look too wet behind the ears to know much of anything at all, other than how make money ‘computing’ your money out of you.

It reminds me of an 1960s advert in the Manchester Evening News that read (something like) “Send me just £5 and I’ll teach you how to earn thousands with an ad’ no larger than this!” So you send in your money and get a quick photocopy note back stating”: Here’s the secret: Place an ad in your local paper that reads: “Send me just £5 and I’ll teach you how to earn thousands with an ad’ no larger than this!” (I may be being a little unfair here, but I hope it made you smile!)

A GOLDEN NUGGET: Masterclass
But there are the Golden Nuggets, some very expensive, and incredibly professional like Jack Canfield, who earns his fortune on the gravy train that commenced with his self-help book, ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ to my most recent discovery and the one which, for me, has delivered both value and knowledge in equal measure – the Masterclass series. Here I have gained priceless help and advise from some of the worlds best respected and most highly read authors – including:

James Patterson
Dan Brown
Judy Blume
Neil Gaiman
Margaret Atwood
RL Stein
David Baldacci

… and more.

How much would you give for four hours non-stop training with any one of these writers? Every one of the above, and several others too, have offered me a gold mine of inspiration and encouragement in every aspect of the writing process.
Take a look for yourself at what’s on offer … and save $40 via this link:
Full disclosure I earn $20 if you purchase through this link, but hey, you get $40 off if you decide to go ahead, so fair’s fair!

Click the Masterclass logo below to go take a look at what’s on offer …

Click the logo above to check out what’s on offer for writers and save $40 while you’re there!

Here’s to your own success!